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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

If a student is unable to attend a course that s/he has paid for, then that student must contact the instructor at least 48 hours before the course is scheduled.  Upon doing so, the student may receive credit for the payment and use it for a future course.  No Refunds.

How can I apply for financial aid?

If a prospective student has a financial hardship, or if s/he has a proposal to alter the standard rate(s) for a class, then s/he should contact the instructor to discuss details.

Are there reduced rates for multiple students enrolling together, or group rates?

Yes.  Private individual courses, multiple enrollees, and group rates are available by request.  Please contact the instructor to negotiate details and rates.

Why are your courses longer than others I have seen advertised?

The NRA and the North Carolina Department of Justice have very specific requirements for their courses, and to obtain the official certifications, the course must be in compliance with the timelines.

I don't need a whole course... I just need a refresher or basic instructions on my handgun.  Can I just book a few hours of instruction?

Yes.  We will be glad to meet your specific needs including scheduling and personalized instruction.  Please contact the instructor to discuss details.

Is the range indoors or outdoors?

Typically, we utilize an outdoor range with shelter and bench rests.  However, we can schedule classes at an indoor range depending on weather conditions and personal preferences.

What do I need to bring with me?

Each course will have a list of specific clothing items and equipment for participants.  Handguns and ammunition may be provided by the instructor, or the student may choose to bring his/her own pistol and ammunition.  If the course requires range time, then eye protection and hearing protection are required.

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