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Why I Started TFTS

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I, David Thompson, the creator of TFTS, spent more than 40 years of my life working in law enforcement and private security, and more than 30 years as an adjunct professor in various universities and colleges. Specifically, I worked as a patrolman, patrol sergeant, detective, administrative lieutenant, and then 31 years as a police chief in Florida and Tennessee. When I retired (twice), I was initially content to leave the politicians and the news media behind, and to simply enjoy a quiet life without the daily demands of public life.

However, since I have retired, I have been constantly asked questions by people seeking a law enforcement professional's perspective, especially on such subjects as defunding the police, banning assault weapons, hiring law enforcement officers, controversial police cases, and what to do about increasing crime rates. Apparently the general skepticism of the news media and the politicians has citizens seeking information from knowledgeable individuals who have no personal or political agendas. I just happen to be one of those people with some knowledge and experience who does not have a personal or political agenda. As a result, I am comfortable addressing law enforcement and justice matters without regard for what is politically correct or expedient in terms of the political climate or audience.

Periodically, I plan to address current law enforcement and justice issues that are relevant and sometimes confusing to the average (and above average) citizen. I welcome views that may differ from my own, as long as they are respectful and they are not offensive. For clarification, "offensive" is subject to my interpretation, and not open to appeal. I am not concerned with offending child molesters, serial killers, wife-beaters, cheats, thieves, robbers, corrupt officials, those who target senior citizens for victimization, and those wolves who generally prey on the innocent and helpless in society.

However, when people disagree on issues, there is a difference in someone stating that they disagree with another person versus calling another person a derogatory name. This blog is intended to promote thought and to offer various perspectives on a subject matter. It is not intended to become a bulletin board for hate speech and personal insults.

The reason TFTS exists is to promote a healthy and informed lifestyle for all people. We are clearly focused on firearms and law enforcement issues as they impact our lives, because our personal safety, and the protection of our loved ones and property, are critical to the quality of life for each of us. If we can improve the quality of life by addressing and promoting public and personal safety, then we are achieving our goals.

In future blogs, we will be discussing a variety of issues relative to firearms and public/personal safety. We welcome all suggestions and ideas for such discussions! Please just leave a comment with anything you'd like to learn about and/or discus!

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